Price Transparency

Price Transparency

Every company that provides a good or service has a price in which a number of factors play in to how high or low they place each rate. Rental companies are unique in the way that goods and services are provided because there are a multitude of factors such as:

  • The rental items themselves
  • Delivery
  • Pick Up
  • Set Up
  • Take Down
  • Portage
  • The duration of the rentals

Some companies "hide" pricing in the fine print. This can look like, "Prices Are Subject To Change", "Call For A Quote", and "Starting At".  If you see any of these on your event rentals website page, be sure to ask if any of these phrases apply to your needs. Another good question you may want to ask about is whether or not there is a "cleaning fee". Even phrases like "Lowest price guaranteed" may not apply because their delivery and pick up charges are a lot more than what you had expected. 

Here at Boxed Event For Rent, we are transparent with our pricing and we are always able to answer your questions, should you have them. The last thing you want while planning your event is to budget for a certain amount of items, and then once you get your invoice, you are surprised by the amount of fees or unplanned charges.  

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