Our Package pricing is based on a table for (8) people but can be adjusted for tables of (6) and (10) people


One of the main reasons why we started this company is because events take time. Time to plan, time to shop, time to set up, time to  partake, time to take down, time, time, time...  Where does more time come from? We can ask friends and family to help, we can try to take short cuts, we can downsize, we can compromise quality time by doing more by ourselves. But do we really want to do that? We know that we would rather enjoy the entire event process with our close ones than have to worry about the before, during, and after with all of the endless details.

Our event rental company came up with the idea of a prepackaged table settings that help clients like yourself have more time to focus on other aspects of your event, like the food and entertainment. 

We also offer individual items if you are in need of certain items and want to build your own table setting - just ask!